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Experience the unique benefits of chiropractic care in McKinney, TX, after receiving treatment from Dr. Kyle Knapp of Kurv O2.

How Does Chiropractic Care Differ From Conventional Treatment Options?

Following your visit to the doctor, you may be prescribed medications that can alleviate your symptoms. Sure enough, taking those medications can eliminate your symptoms, but they may also return as soon as you stop treatment. Things may turn out that way because your medication is focused more on treating your symptoms instead of your underlying condition, and in the meantime, their side effects will accumulate.

Chiropractors handle treatment differently. Instead of focusing on your symptoms, chiropractors diagnose the underlying causes of your injuries to provide effective and lasting treatment. Your chiropractor wants to go beyond freeing you from back pain. They also want to put a treatment plan in place to prevent that issue from flaring up again.

Aside from addressing the underlying causes of your injuries, chiropractic care also differs from conventional medicine because it takes a holistic approach to treatment.

The holistic approach looks at the full picture of a patient’s condition as opposed to treating different systems separately. That distinctive element of the holistic approach allows chiropractors to understand their patients’ health issues better. It gives them more information to use for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Chiropractic treatment also emphasizes improving the quality of life for patients. For instance, your chiropractor can analyze your posture and recommend changes. Even if your poor posture isn’t causing problems now, that may change as you age. Your chiropractor can help you get ahead of that problem and improve your quality of life.

Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic treatment in McKinney, TX, after scheduling an appointment with Dr. Knapp of Kurv O2.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using Chiropractic Care?

Aside from the qualities we already mentioned, there’s one more reason you should try chiropractic care. That reason relates to how comprehensive chiropractic treatment is.

Chiropractors are well-equipped to handle issues affecting your spine and other joints. Whether you’re dealing with back pain, neck discomfort, or spinal ligament injuries, you can count on your chiropractor to address them.

You can also consult a chiropractor if you’re struggling with nerve issues like sciatica. By administering the necessary adjustments, a chiropractor can ease the pressure on your sciatic nerve and alleviate your symptoms.

Paying a visit to the chiropractor is also highly recommended if you’ve been feeling stressed out recently and feeling it physically. Many of the treatment options provided by chiropractors excel at granting stress relief. Oxygen therapy, in particular, is a soothing treatment that helps your mind and body recover from stress.

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